COVID 19 Safe Practices

Our COVID19 safe commitment to you!

  • All Spinifex Ballooning team members have undertaken the COVID-19 Infection Control training provided by the Australian Government Department of Health.
  • Spinifex Ballooning will be abiding by NT Government regulations in relations to outdoor gatherings and will limit capacity of balloons accordingly. This means that you will have more than the usual allocated space within the balloon basket.
  • We ask that, when not in the balloon, you abide by the social distancing recommendations of 1.5 mtres.
  • Spinifex Ballooning is undertaking regular cleaning of all touch points and equipment in accordance with guidance from Safe Work Australia and public health authority.
    We have reduced the number of touchpoints to reduce surface areas for possible contamination
  • We have recommended that all Spinifex Ballooning staff download the COVID safe app to ensure that contact tracing is possible. All Spinifex Ballooning devices have had the COVID safe app downloaded.
  • Alcohol based hand sanitiser will be given to all passengers when they are entering and exiting our buses.
  • Face masks will be offered which you are welcome to wear throughout your morning, should you wish.
  • COVID-19 Declaration Questionnaire prior to the flight for all passengersYour Obligations:
  • Should you feel unwell in the days before your flight please call 08 8952 8723 and speak with one of our Reservation team members about postponing your flight.
  • Should you feel unwell the day before or on the morning of your flight, we ask that you please do not arrive for your flight. You MUST call our office immediately. You will also need to provide a Doctor Certificate to advise that you are unfit to fly. Failure to advise cancellation and supply doctor certificate will result in our cancellation policy coming in to affect.
  • You will receive your flight check-in link the day prior to your flight. Each member of your flight party will need to follow this link and complete the check-in process prior to arriving for your flight.
  • Your temperature will be taken upon arrival. Should your temperature be 38.0 or higher you will not be able to undertake your flight but will be able to reschedule for a later date.
  • We ask that all passengers adhere to all social distancing and hygiene safety guidelines throughout your morning with us.
  • Hand sanitiser will be made available to you to use throughout the morning, but please be aware that for safety reasons, hand sanitiser is not able to be carried onboard the balloon as it is classed as a flammable liquid.
  • We highly recommend that all passengers download the Australian Government COVID Safe app before attending their flight.
  • Your risk of serious illness from COVID-19 increases if you are:
    – aged 70 years or over
    – aged 65 years or over and have a chronic medical condition
    – an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander person aged 50 years and over who has a chronic – medical condition
    – immune suppressedWe recommend that you postpone your flight if you fall into any of these categories.
  • Please use Tap and Go payment options for payment and purchase of souvenirs, where possible.

We hope that you understand the need for these measures in the current COVID-19 environment. If you are not comfortable with any of these measures, we ask that you contact our Reservations Team immediately so that we can postpone your flight. We appreciate your compliance and thank you for your understanding.

For a copy of our full COVID Safe Management Plan please email:

UPDATED: 24 June 2020